Recycling Parks

The recycling parks remain the driving forces of our e-waste collection. Our network has no less than 543 recycling parks spread across the country.


Collection Points in shops

Shops that sell electrical and electronic appliances are legally obliged to take back the old, comparable appliances from their customers for processing. Retailers can register as collection points. Our network now has 4,862 collection points in the distribution sector, which is 223 more than in 2018. For small electrical goods, we have a solution tailored for consumers: the RecyclePoint. In 2019, we added no less than 616 RecyclePoints to our network, bringing the total number to 3,231.


Reuse Centres

Unwanted appliances that are still working are sent to reuse centres. In Belgium, Recupel works together with 25 of these centres. They make the necessary repairs and prepare appliances for reuse. These appliances are then taken to one of the many second-hand shops, where they can start a second life.


charter collectors or charter recyclers

To ensure the correct disposal of old electric and electronic appliances, businesses can work directly with Recupel’s charter collectors or charter recyclers. There are now 91 partners in our network.


In 2019, we launched a brand new collection channel for businesses: Smartloop. It is fully digital, quick and simple!